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Teaching people to drive since 1975

Driving Lessons

We offer several types of driving lessons with our experienced driving instructors. All lessons in both the Brackley and Hayes areas can be booked as a one or two hour session and discounts are available for bulk bookings.
Unlike a lot of driving schools we give you the full time that you have paid for, we do not carry passengers and will not ask you to start your lesson by driving home our last pupil. All lessons are one on one tutoring with one of our highly experienced driving instructors.

Please call on 01280 841100 for more details and prices for driving lessons in Brackley.

Beginners Lessons

When you hit that magical age of 17 and you have your provisional license we offer lessons to teach you both to drive and the rules of the road to help you pass a theory and practical driving test.

Pass Plus Lessons

Pass Plus is a recognised scheme for new drivers to gain further road experience. For more information please see our Pass Plus Driving Lessons page.

Under 17's Private Road Lessons

For those young people who are keen to get a little experience in a car before they reach 17, we can offer specialist lessons in a private road environment. The lessons are held at Toweston Aerodrome, near Brackley. You will learn some basics of driving a car plus some simple manouveres. for more details please see our Under 17's Driving Lessons page.

Motorway Driving

While holding a provisional license you cannot legally drive on a motorway, therefore once you hold a full licence we can offer you motorway driving lessons to gain some experience under the tutorage of a professional instructor.

Bulk Lesson Bookings

Charville School of Motoring offers discounts for dricing lessons booked in bulk. Please call us for more informations and to book your driving lessons.